Cybersecurity Career Preparation For The Canadian Veteran Community

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Start a Cyber Career

Our Job Labs and Career Coaches will guide you through an understanding of the specific duties and essential skillsneeded.

Learn Job-specific Skills

Each learning path includes a recognized Microcredential. Candidates in these job-readiness programs prepare to write a relevant industry Certification exam.

Gain Practical Experience

Candidates have a number of experiential learning options. Exercises like Capture the Flag or Hackathons, labs, and Internships provide immersive experience.

Career Advancement

We support your career growth with a suite of certification training and exam prep. Certifications have a crucial role in career progression in the cybersecurity field.

Deployment to Employment

We support their transition to civilian careers.

Renowned Soft Skills of Canadian Military Veterans

  • Unparalleled Teamwork
  • Sense of Duty
  • Realistic Self-Confidence
  • Strong Organizational Culture
  • Openness to Diversity
  • Willingness to Take On and Finish Difficult Tasks
  • Cross-Functionality
  • Quick & Creative Problem Resolution
  • Adaptability
  • Respect for Rules and Order

Hire A Veteran

Each learning stream includes an Experiential Capstone Program which presents an organized work-preparation routine using proven series elements and techniques. Candidate and Employer sign an agreement that sets technical and soft skill expectations.

Through membership in Cyber Catalyst, each candidate has access to the Private Discussion Board – a community Slack Workspace available for discussion with others moving through similar phases of their career. All are encouraged to support each others’ career growth. Additional learning and professional development opportunities are shared through the channels.

Turn Training
into Talent

There are many ways to build relevant experience ahead of your first job in your chosen field.

  • Practical Hands On Labs
  • Capture the Flag Exercises
  • Volunteering and Community Involvement

What Are Employers Really Looking For When they Ask
For Prior Experience?

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Our partnership with leading tech industry members can be leveraged to help you get started in cyber, networking and cloud computing today! Just select a course to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Cyber Catalyst Program different from others?

All Cyber Catalyst programs are job centered and presented in a compressed, professional employment-preparation and skill develop path designed for those who are or have served in Canada’s Armed Forces and includes their Spouses and Family members.

How long does it take to complete the Program?

There are 3 distinct components to the overall Cyber Catalyst Program. 1) Intake and Interest for up to 120 hours, 2) Microcredential skills certification for up to 250 hours, and 3) Experiencial learning protfolio development for up to 250 hours. Each component is self-directed to work in your schedule.

What qualifications do you need to have for entry?

A detailed interest and aptitude assessment is undertaken ahead of enrollment in order to best coach candidates and support of their individual success before they are immersed in tech or tech-adjact studies.

Do I need to know how to code?

No. You can learn everything that you need to know within the learning program you choose. Our instructors, mentors and peer coaches are here to assist as you require..

What does this program cost?

The Program is presented as three separate components or semesters in order to give candidates the greatest possible control in cost and outcomes. Typical cost per semester is $3,700 plus tax (Cdn). There are some introductory short courses that may require a small deposit that is refunded upon successful completion.

Are there funding options available?

There may be bursaries available for those who qualify. Most veterans, active duty military and reservists may have access to funding support through various government or insurance-backed programs

Are Instuctors readily available in this online learning environment?

Instructors are commited to your success and connect from across Canada so that someone is close at hand or at least in your time zone. Mentors are also assigned to support your personal achievement in the program.

Can this be done part time?

It is self-paced and certainly can be done part time. The Experiential Learning component will require agreement from your program partner and will need to be considered ahead of your onboarding in that regard.